Covid-19 Related Policy Changes & Expectations, July 2021 update

Welcome back to climbing at Ajax Rock Oasis. Let’s talk a little about what’s going on here with our post-Covid-19 reopening.

Updated July 15, 2021

Planning your visit to Ajax Rock Oasis:

  • Currently the Ajax Community Centre is not fully open to the public. What this means for us is that we’ll have a new entrance. All traffic coming into the climbing facility will need to enter through the main/east entrance only.

  • There is an intercom on the leftmost door which you’ll need to use for access.
  • Upon entering, inform the ACC staff that you’re in the facility to visit rock climbing and they’ll allow you entry. They may ask your name.
  • We currently require pre-booking such that we don’t exceed our limited capacity.
  • Visits to the climbing gym are 120 minutes in length. If it happens that we’re not busy, patrons are welcome to stay until we hit capacity.
  • All visitors will be asked health-related questions prior to entry. If you have any health symptoms which could possibly be related to Covid-19 (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, etc), we ask that you do not visit us.
  • All visitors will be required to wear a face mask during their visit. People with bandanas or buffs will be turned away or asked to wear a proper face mask.

Covid-19 Facility Policy/Expectation Changes:

  • Please sanitize before entering the climbing gym.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the gym. We ask that climbers sanitize before and after climbs to protect both themselves, as well as other patrons.
  • We will expect patrons to maintain a 6′ distance between themselves and people not in their party. We ask that you leave a two-rope buffer between yourselves and other patrons.
  • Due to occupancy limits in our small space, we will be allowing only one parent or guardian to accompany a minor.
  • Spectators will not be permitted entry at this time.
  • There is a directional flow marked out in the gym. Please abide by it.
  • Please limit the time you spend in space-limited areas like at the cubbies.
  • Sanitization will be regularly happen throughout the day. Holds cannot be cleaned, but we will do our best to sanitize all shared spaces.
  • Rentals of shoes and harnesses will be available. Harnesses will rest for 2 days between use, and shoes will be sanitized with isopropyl alcohol between uses. Chalk rental will be unavailable, but balls will be available for purchase.
  • Use of chalk buckets will be temporarily suspended. Loose chalk will be permitted but highly discouraged. We ask that if you’re able to switch to balls or liquid, it would be beneficial.
  • Outdoor shoes will not be permitted on any climbing surface.
  • Bathrooms and fountains will be available.
  • Fitness equipment will be unavailable.
  • Food will not be permitted in the climbing gym.


  • Memberships were frozen at the start of lockdown.
  • Prepaid memberships will be activated upon your first visit.
  • Members will be subject to the same rules and requirements as any visitor to the gym including masks, sanitization, distancing, and visit time.

We appreciate your patience as we try to navigate reopening during Covid-19. Let’s all work through this together!