Family Climb

With our family climb, we let the parents take the rope in their own hands.

Parents participate by belaying (holding the rope) for their kids (no climbing necessary!) Climbing time is limited only by the child’s endurance and level of interest.

If a parent doesn’t know how to belay, we’ll teach you for $20/parent. Parents who are able to demonstrate belaying skills without assistance can do so at no cost. Kids are $15/each to climb (includes harness rental). Pre-booking is required only for parental instruction.

If a parent wants to climb, they only need to let us know and we can include their day pass and all the gear they’ll need for an extra $19 (in addition to their lesson cost).

Family Climb, a great way to spend the day with your family!

Family Climb activity with father and son. The dad is belaying for his kid that is climbing.