New Climbers


Our Learn to Climb package is intended for teens and adults. If you have a young child (12 and under) that you’d like to bring for a climb, check out our Family Climb section for more details! Our climbing class will have beginners at the wall in no time!


• Learn how to put on a harness.
• Learn how to tie into the safety rope.
• Learn how to belay (operate the safety device) for your partner.
• Learn how to use the automatic belaying devices.
• Learn about bouldering.
• Climb lots to practice your new skills.
• Choose climbs which are both challenging and attainable.
• Have fun and meet interesting people.



Climbers wear regular gym clothing: shorts or tights and a t-shirt. Make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with and able to move in. During cooler weather a sweat shirt layer may be useful during the lesson. Please bring thin socks to wear in the climbing shoes.



You will be taught by climbing instructors who are certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides or by Ajax Rock Oasis. The instructors are fun and approachable and they focus on the safety of all participants.


Instructor gives beginners a Climbing Class at Ajax Rock Oasis


Everyone is required to read and sign our waiver. Children under 18 must also have a legal guardian read and sign the waiver for them.


The cost of an introductory climbing class is $35 per participant. The price includes all equipment, instruction, and climbing time. The lesson takes about an hour and includes some climbing. If it’s your first visit, expect to take advantage of your included climbing time, a visit is roughly 2 hours, but you may stay as long as you like. Reservations are required.